Desjardins believes in top quality, healthy dogs. In order to provide peace of mind to the people who give our puppies such wonderful homes, we test our lines against any genetic disorders including: skin (SA), eye, and hip displasia. Also, the tests that we do mean a great deal more than a simple "vet check." A vet check only states that the vet thinks the puppy, at that date, seems, looks and is sound. Unfortunately this does not really do much in the long run because it does not check if any genetic disorder is present that was passed down the lines to the puppy.


Puppies come with shots up to date and micro-chipped which provide for extra protection if the puppies are ever lost or stolen.


Desjardins is strict in believing that dogs should never be raised or put into a kennel environment. We have a home-based breeding business where the dogs are treated with dignity, respect, and love. Our dogs go for car rides daily, come to the grooming salon to 'work,' and sleep in someones bedroom each night. All are welcome to our home to experience this relationship we have with our dogs; it is very special and unique.


Please contact us if you have any other questions about health testings or any other dog related topic. We would love to answer them for you.

-Bonnie Ball

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