Pre-breeding health tests
OFA HIPS                                                                     =$600
OFA thyroid Testing                                                   =$200
(repeated annually from 2-6 yrs of age)
OFA DNA DM testing. $75 for each parent                =$150
Neonatal Encephalopathy                                          =$235

von Willebrand Disease Testing                                 =$235

Canine CERF Testing                                                    =$235

                                                                          TOTAL =$1,655

Breeding Costs
Pre-breeding health check $75 for each parent.     = $150
Optional CBC ( blood test ). $100 for each dog.      =$200
Brucellosis Testing $75 for outside breedings         =$75
Stud Fee.                                                                      =$1500-2000
Ultrasound to confirm pregnancy.                            =$65
X-ray to get final head count.                                    =$85

   TOTAL =$2,075-2,575

Puppy Care Costs
(Per litter) *avg. 7 puppies per
Dewormer                                                                        =$100
Goat Milk (not always used but always on hand).      =$35
Vaccinations/Vet Checks. $50 per puppy.                     =$350
Microchips. $15 per puppy.                                            =$105
(If taken to vet, $10 for implant and $15 for chip =$25)

Food (raw weaned)
Weeks 3 & 4 On average 3lbs per day x 14 days = 42lbs
Weeks 5 - 7. On average 6 lbs per day x 21 days = 126lbs
Week 8. On average 7 lbs per day x 7 days = 49lbs 
217 lbs at $2.50lb                                                             =$542.50

Pet bedding ( litter box trained). $20 per week x 4 weeks  =$80
Misc. toys per litter.                                                          =$50


Litter registration AKC.                                                     =$25
Individual Registrations CKC. $50 per puppy.               =$350
Puppy Kit supplies                                                           =$320
(includes 3 weeks of prepackaged raw food, toys, puppy blanket,Leash and collar) 
Paper work/contracts, vet booklets/ info.                     =$100 


                                                                For a total of $5,787.5 to 6,287.50

This does not include any costs in keeping the dam/sire (housing, increased food during pregnancy/normal food through rest of year, routine vet care, training or competitions). It does not include shipping of the dam to the stud, progesterone testing if required or artificial insemination if required. 

It does not include the building or purchasing of a whelping box, fuel to the vets office, unexpected complications such as c-sections ($1500) or mastitis ($1000-1500). It doesn't cover any advertising costs or annual website fees or updates. It also does not include washing detergent or electricity to do 2 loads of laundry per day or run the heater in their bedroom to keep their space at 73 degrees ferenheit. 

This amount also does not include my TIME. Litters require around the clock 24 hr supervision especially until 5 weeks of age. I get maybe 2 hours of broken sleep per night for the first 3 weeks of life. Then it improves to about 5 hrs of broken sleep until 5 weeks of age. It isn't until 6 weeks of age until I can get 6-7 hrs of sleep per night.

How much do you think my time is worth? Let's just base it on a minimum wage job at 84hrs per week (that's 12 hr days and I do way more than that) Our minimum wage is $10

8 weeks at 84hrs per week is 672hrs x $10 = $6720

So that's a final total of $13,720 gross expenses

So when you see "breeders" listing their puppies for $750-1200 you have to ask yourself where are they saving their costs and is it worth it to purchase from one of these breeders?

I also want to include that these figures do not include the costs of purchasing the parents. I understand that some breeders have home grown dogs in their breeding program but a lot of the time they purchase new lines to improve their own. On average my adult imports cost between $5000-8000 each. If I bring a puppy over to raise to breeding age the cost is around $3000-4000 for an 8-9 week old pup.

There is no money in breeding! Those that profit are taking short cuts at the expense of the puppies they produce! We breed for the love of the breed and to continue our bloodlines that we have invested time and money in.


Please take this into consideration when evaluating the breeder you wish to purchase from.

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