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The owner of Desjardins Standard Poodles, Bonnie Ball, has opened a grooming salon in the quaint town of Hamburg, NY. Bonnie has over twenty years of grooming experience but specializes in poodles. She grooms dogs only, no cats, and is by appointment only but will take walk-ins if she is currently open and has the time. 


Prices vary per dog type, size and obedient level. If the dog is matted - the prices will go up based on the severity of the matts. 



A grooming service includes:

-A thorough evaluation of your pet's skin and coat

-2 warm therapeutic baths with premium shampoos

-Cream rinse or conditioner

-Eyes refreshed


-A conditioning/finishing spray

-Fluffy towel dry and blow dry & bow

-Nails clipped

-Ears cleaned, deodorized, lightly plucked if needed

-Dogs can also come to be shaved down or just trimmed!


Fluffy Puppy Grooming Spa

189 Buffalo Street 

Hamburg, NY 14075


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